Prestige Electric Rice Cooker with 2 Cooking Pans At Rs.2399

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The Prestige Omega Deluxe Induction Non-Stick Kitchen Set is a collection of cookware pieces made with a non-stick coating that is compatible with induction cooktops. The set may include pots, pans, and other cooking vessels made of materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Prestige Electric Rice Cooker with 2 Cooking Pans
Deal Price: Rs.2399
Regular Price: Rs.3945
Discount: Rs.1546   (39%OFF)

Product Details

Prestige Electric Rice Cooker with 2 Cooking Pans

    • Great features – Stainless steel close-fit lid with keeping warm mode, 5-year warranty on the heating plate, detachable power cord
    • Capacity – Cooks up to 1000g of raw rice
    • Includes: Main Unit, user manual, warranty card
    • Product dimensions: 33cm(length)x28cm(width)x24cm(height) Weight: 2.31kg

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The Prestige Electric Rice Cooker with 2 Cooking Pans is a versatile kitchen appliance that offers convenience and efficiency in cooking rice and other delicious dishes. In this blog post, we will dive into the features, benefits, and creative uses of this innovative rice cooker.

  1. Dual Cooking Pans for Enhanced Efficiency: The highlight of the Prestige Electric Rice Cooker is its unique feature of two cooking pans. This design allows you to simultaneously cook rice in one pan while preparing a side dish or steaming vegetables in the other. It saves time and effort, making it an ideal choice for busy households.
  2. Precise and Programmable Cooking Options: With the Prestige Electric Rice Cooker, you have full control over your cooking process. The cooker comes with programmable settings for different rice varieties such as white rice, brown rice, and even specialized settings for biryani or pulao. This ensures perfectly cooked rice every time.
  3. Keep Warm Functionality: Gone are the days when you had to worry about reheating your rice. The Prestige Electric Rice Cooker keeps your cooked rice warm and fresh for an extended period. The automatic keep warm feature maintains the temperature of the rice without overcooking or drying it out.
  4. Multi-Purpose Cooking: While the name suggests it’s primarily for cooking rice, this appliance can do so much more. The versatility of the Prestige Electric Rice Cooker allows you to experiment with a wide range of dishes. You can steam vegetables, prepare soups, stews, pasta, quinoa, and even desserts. It serves as a one-pot solution for your everyday cooking needs.
  5. User-Friendly Design and Easy Maintenance: The Prestige Electric Rice Cooker is designed with user convenience in mind. It features a clear and easy-to-read control panel, making it simple to operate even for beginners. The non-stick cooking pans are removable and dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.
  6. Energy-Efficient and Time-Saving: Cooking rice on a stovetop can be time-consuming and requires constant attention. The Prestige Electric Rice Cooker not only saves you valuable time but also conserves energy by using an efficient cooking process. You can set it and forget it, allowing you to focus on other tasks while your meal is being prepared.
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