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Odonil offering a free Room Freshener Sample from Odonil. Click on the contest, fill in your address and submit. Shipping is free. 1 per 1 household.

Room Freshener Sample

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Free Room Freshener Sample from Odonil

Welcome, Odonil’s newest offering into your living room – The Odonil Good Living Room Freshening Gel. Its unique fragrant gelling agents have active ingredients that give your room a fresh vibe, all day long.

  • 4 unique fragrances – Lavender, Jasmine, Lemon & Rose
  • Innovative cap for fragrance control
  • Attractive & convenient packaging

Odonil Air Fresheners are available in ‘Block’ formats. Odonil Blocks are small space fragrances that can be used in your bathrooms, cupboards, etc. Odonil Blocks come in a range of exciting fragrances.


Odonil Room Freshener Sprays can be used anywhere in your home. Just spray it and transform the mood of your family members. The Odonil Room Freshener Sprays are for little corners as well as open spaces within the house. Odonil Room Freshener sprays are available in a variety of exciting fragrances


Odonil free sample – Odonil electrical pluggy was introduced keeping in mind the changing lifestyles of consumers and to meet the modern-day need for convenience, This new introduction from Odonil is meant for the living spaces of the house, such as drawing & living room, and is extremely simple to use. Just plug it into an electrical socket and get exotic natural fragrance for the whole day. More so, the device just uses 5.3 Watt of electricity hence is very economical in usage. Odonil Pluggy is far superior as it gives consistent fragrance for longer periods and beautifies your surroundings. The product would last well over 60 days giving a consistent bouquet of scents for more than 8 hours per day

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