HUL Pureit Classic Germ Kill Kit Cartridge At Rs.550

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Product Details

HUL Pureit Classic Germ Kill Kit Cartridge

  • Activated Carbon (Removes harmful parasites and pesticides)
  • Germkill Processor – Uses programmed germ kill technology to target and Removes invisible harmful viruses and bacteria.
  • Polisher – Removed chlorine and other contaminants to make water clear, odorless, and great tasting.
  • 1501 Liters Germ Kill Kit

Product Description

Pureit Germkill Kit for Classic 23Ltr/Classic Autofill 23 Litres Fits : 1. Pureit Classic 23Ltr 2. Classic Autofill 23 Ltr Does Not Fit: 1. Classic 14 Liters 2. Compact & Intella Purifiers Contents: 1. Activated Carbon Trap 2. Germ Kill Processor 3. Polisher 4. Instruction for Replacing the Kit

Note: This Item is the The Germ Kill Kit (Battery Kit) That is Required to Change after every 1500 liters of Purification. Please do Not Assume It As The Complete Purifier. “Filters 1500 Litres Of Safe Drinking Water” Pure It Water Purifier Comes With Advance Auto Shut Off System Once The Germ Kill Life Indicator Turns Fully Red Pureit’S Advanced Auto Shut-Off Mechanism Shuts Off The Supply Of Purified Water.This Ensures No Member Of Your Family Drinks Unsafe Water.

Please Replace The Germkill Immidiately. Terms And Conditions: 1. Octroi Charges And Entry Tax Are Applicable In Some Areas And It Shall Be Borne By The Customer (Payable To The Courier Company On Delivery) 2. Make Sure Your Address And Contact Number Is Correct.

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