Tupperware Large Super Storer, 5 Litres At Rs.1199

Amazon offering a deal on Tupperware Large Super Storer, 5 Litres. Bank offers applicable. Shipping is free.

Product Details

Tupperware Large Super Storer, 5 Litres

  • It has a textured surface making it non slippery
  • It has a classic round seal thereby making it airtight and liquid-tight
  • It saves space due to easy stackability
  • It has a sheer base that allows easy identification of content
  • It has a tab for ease of opening
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Large Storer (5 Litres)

Product Description

A versatile collection of kitchen storage essential, these canisters with virtually air-tight and liquid-tight seals are perfect for storage. Now you can buy in bulk and keep everything fresh for a long.

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